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Noah Keen and his wife at the 2006 Twilight Zone Convention.

Noah Keen

Born: 10 October 1927 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (some sources say 1924 or 1920)

Noah Keene made seven appearances on The FBI, sometimes in recurring roles. His TV career began in 1961, mostly playing in guest roles on different television series. He did play Judge Thatcher in the 1973 movie musical version of Tom Sawyer, and he also directed (and narrated) a film in 1970, Helen Keller and Her Teacher. In 2009, he did a turn as a TV newscaster in the Batman fan film Batman 1969, scheduled for release on 12-13 January 2011.

Noah Keen appeared at the 2006 Twilight Zone Convention, scheduled for Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. He is one very sweet man!



Ted Knight


Born: 7 December 1923 in Terryville, Connecticut, USA as Tadeus Knopka
Died: 26 August 1986 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Known to many as the bumbling newscaster Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ted Knight was already a seasoned performer by the time he made his first appearance on The FBI in fall 1965, as a bad guy. One year later, he would play a bodyguard working with Inspector Lewis Erskine.

Born in Connecticut of Polish Heritage, Mr. Knight began his broadcasting career in Albany, New York in the mid-1950s. He made his first appearance on national television on The Donna Reed Show in 1959, and was soon had roles in The Twilight Zone and Psycho. Because of his excellent voice, he also worked as narrators in many cartoons. In 1980, he began a five-year run as the star of the ABC series Too Close For Comfort. Sadly, Mr. Knight died of cancer in late August 1986, leaving behind his wife and three children.









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