Guest Stars—V

John Vernon

John Vernon in Wojeck, 1966.

Born: 24 February 1932 in Zehner, Saskatchewan, Canada as Adolphus Raimundus Vernon Agopsowicz
Died: 1 February 2005 in Los Angeles, California, USA

By the time John Vernon played Dean Vernon Wormer in National Lampoon’s Animal House in 1978, he had experience playing bad guys in many other roles, including those on The FBI.

Born in rural Saskatchewan, Mr. Vernon began his film career as the voice of Big Brother in the 1956 British production of 1984. His deep, resonant voice allowed the actor to perform in cartoons (The Marvel Super Heroes, 1966) and, more recently, in video games. His breakthrough role came in the Canadian television series Wojeck (pictured at left) in 1966, and from that he went on to Hollywood. He first appeared on The FBI in 1968, and made a total of three appearances on the series.

Mr. Vernon remained a prolific performer, appearing not only in Animal House (1978), but also in Dirty Harry (1971) and many other movies and television shows.
















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