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Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells

Born: 18 October 1938 in Reno, Nevada, USA

Dawn Wells clearly needs no introduction!

And we say this with the utmost respect for the actress. As so many TV viewers know, Ms. Wells played Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan’s Island on CBS from 1964 to 1967, and then again in countless reruns.

Interestingly, Ms. Wells had intended to become a doctor, but she discovered the college’s Drama Club. Her acting career began in 1961, and two years later landed the role that changed her life.

The FBI was one of Ms. Wells’ first appearances after Gilligan’s Island. Her one and only appearance on the show was a truly memorable one indeed. Dawn Wells remains a busy performer even in 2010.


Stuart Whitman

Born: 1 February 1928 in San Francisco, California, USA


Stuart Maxwell Whitman, the son of a realtor, graduated from high school in Los Angeles and spent three post-war years with the Army Corps of Engineers. In the Army, he won 32 fights as a light-heavyweight boxer. Upon his discharge from service, he attended Los Angeles City College, where his interest in acting emerged. He studied at the Los Angeles Academy of Dramatic Art and with Michael Chekhov and Ben Bard. He toured the U.S. in a stage company of "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" and began to get small roles in television and film. Eventually his athleticism, his handsome features, and his talent for portraying either tough or vulnerable characters led him to a level of stardom.

He earned an Academy Award nomination for his leading role of a child molester in The Mark (1961), and starred in the television series Cimarron Strip (1967). A shrewd investor, he amassed a substantial fortune while continuing his career even after its peak in the mid-Sixties.

Incidentally, Mr. Whitman appeared in both episodes of The FBI that Mariette Hartley appeared in!


Jason Wingreen

Jason Wingreen

Born: 9 October 1919 in Brooklyn, NY, USA

Best known as for his role as Harry Snowden on the classic television sitcom All in the Family and its spin-off series, Archie Bunker's Place, Mr. Wingreen has had many roles over the years in such shows as The Twilight Zone.

And The FBI is no exception.

Mr. Wingreen began his career in 1955, and worked until 1994.











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