Stephen Brooks

Played SAC Jim Rhodes in Seasons 1 and 2

Stephen Brooks

Born: 12 August 1942 in Columbus, Ohio, USA as James Gardner Brooks Jr.
Died: 1 December 1999 in Seattle, Washington, USA

Stephen Brooks, who played SAC Jim Rhodes (and Inspector Lewis Erskine’s prospective son-in-law), began his career in 1958. The FBI would represent a high-water mark of his 24-year career. He would leave The FBI in 1967 because he did not want to play seconary roles. Later in 1967, Mr. Brooks played Ensign Garrovick in the Star Trek episode "Obsession."

Brooks was a regular cast member on several television series, including The F.B.I. from 1965 through 1967, The Interns (co-starring with Skip Homeier) from 1970 through 1971, and the soap opera Days of Our Lives from 1980 through 1981. He has also made guest appearances on Twelve O'Clock High, Medical Center, and Barnaby Jones. He retired from acting in the 1980s.

Brooks died of a heart attack in Seattle, Washington on December 1st, 1999 at the age of 57.

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