2. Image in a Cracked Mirror

Jack Klugman and Pat Cardi

Case file: #29-68954-G
Charles Emery Gates: Federal Reserve Act, Embezzlement.

Original air date: 26 September 1965
This episode was not rerun

Inspector Lewis Erskine uses a young boy to track an embezzler. Some humor is involved here. Jack Klugman looks an awful lot like Groucho Marx did in 1965! Reference is made to Korea, where Mr. Erskine had served. The exteriors do not quite look like El Paso, Texas.



Role Performer
Jack Klugman Charles Emery Gates
Brett Somers Amelia Gates
Pat Cardi Billy Gates
Ed Peck Ben Stone
Amy Fields Jean
Stephen Coit Mr. Wiley
Nelson Olmsted Sully
Hugh Sanders Pete
Glenn Sipes McCook
Don Spruance Murray Davis
Kathleen O’Malley Switchboard Operator
Jay Ose Station Attendant
Directed by: William A. Graham
Written by: Anthony Wilson
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