Alejandro Rey and Robert Blake.

Joe Cloud (Alejandro Rey) talks to Inspector Lewis Erskine. At right: His brother, Pete Cloud (Robert Blake).

3. A Mouthful of Dust

Caught in the act.

Case file: #70-68307-C
Joseph Cloud: Crime On An Indian Reservation.

Original air date: 3 October 1965

Argentine-born actor Alejandro Rey plays an Apache (Joe Cloud) who fought in the Korean War with Inspector Lewis Erskine. Inspector Erskine must race to save Cloud from local law enforcement officials intent on killing him.

This is a daring episode, showing not only compassion toward Native Americans, but also conflict between Inspector Lewis Erskine and Assistant Director Arthur Ward. This episode seemed to reflect the attitude of President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society," in which no one (regardless of their background) would be left behind. Good episode!


Role Performer
Robert Blake Pete Cloud
Alejandro Rey Joseph Cloud
R.G. Armstrong Sheriff Crowley
June Dayton Thelma
Noam Pitlik John Dennison
Noah Keen Victor Quinlan
Iron Eyes Cody Medicine Man
Joseph V. Perry Carl Pike
Charles Kuenstle Jurow
Michael Harris Technician
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Earl Mack

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