Inspector Erskine, SAC Jim Rhodes and Barbara Erskine battle over wedding plans.

4. Slow March Up a Steep Hill

Case file: #91-77270-X
Wayne Everett Powell: Bank Robbery, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle.

Original broadcast date: 10 October 1965

In a rare human episode, Barbara Erskine and Jim Rhodes set their wedding date-a move strongly opposed by Barbara's father, Inspector Lewis Erskine, whose wife died in an F.B.I. shootout. These personal interactions between the lead characters would fade over time.

This episode was even more unusual. First, no special guest stars were announced. It was pretty much assumed Inspector Erskine would catch the criminal. It was the human drama that stands out here. This episode reminds one of the 1959 movie, The FBI Story. This episode remains one of the best episodes of the entire series.

Lee Meriwether as Joanna Laurens.


Role Performer
Pete Duel Wayne Everett Powell
Harold Gould David Rice
Dabney Coleman Ira Barker
Crahan Denton Wayne Powell, Sr.
June Dayton Thelma
Amy Fields Jean
Barbara Baldavin Mrs. Harron
Lee Meriwether Joanna Laurens
S. John Launer Werth
Lew Brown Firearms Technician
Directed by: William A. Graham
Written by: Charles Larson

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