5. The Insolents

SAC Jim Rhodes is taken for a ride.

Case file: #45-47339-Y
Roger York: Crime on the High Seas - Murder.

Original air date: 17 October 1965

When is a murder not a murder? This is what Jim Rhodes must unravel when all of the surface evidence point towards a suspect. Rhodes and Erskine do ride in a (Los Angeles?) sheriff's helicopter.

Beyond this, this episode focuses on Jim Rhodes. The case forces him to confront issues he dealt with in the past. He also has some moments with Barbara Erskine as well.



Role Performer
James Ward Roger York
Eileen Heckart Mrs. Creighton
Joan Marshall Elizabeth Gowan
Douglas Henderson S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Ben Wright Capt. Tillman
Charles Robinson Hewitt Pierce
Oscar Beregi Jr. Dr. Dan Wyck
Susan Seaforth Hayes Bebe
Lawrence Montaigne Purser
Tom Palmer Dr. Lindsay
William Swan Philip Creighton
Logan Field Airline Official
Andre Philippe Brazilian
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Theodore Apstein

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