6. To Free My Enemy

The kidnappers meet.

Case file: #45-47339-Y
Roger York: Crime on the High Seas - Murder.

Original air date: 24 October 1965

The good inspector has the distasteful job of finding a kidnap victim-a pornographer that the good inspector is trying build a case against. In the end, Erskine captures the kidnappers and obtains a warrant for the arrest of the pornographer.

This episode shows its age-or does it? Pornography was still considered a taboo item even in 1965. Movie censorship was on the verge of ending, and the Sexual Revolution was about to happen. This was the year Russ Meyer aired his film, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

However, it did not here. For those who liked adult material, there were stag magazines and 8mm reels of “stag films” to watch. In general, people watched more family-oriented fare, such as The FBI. Hmmm. Today, adult material seems to be on its way out in a more conservative world. Perhaps the episode IS timely.




Role Performer
James Gregory Bert Anselm
Katharine Bard Flora Anselm
Jill Hayworth Lynn Anselm
Robert Doyle Nick Kirby
Robert Hogan Harry Bisk
Dean Harens Alvin Forest
June Forest Thelma
Hank Brandt Calvin Lee
Paul Potash Max Healy
Stanley Schneider Leo Meyerson
Billy Halop Manager
John Mayo Examiner
Directed by: William A. Graham
Written by: Ken Kolb and Norman Jolley

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