7. The Problem Of The Honorable Wife

Case file: # 98-63520-M
Maurice Maddock: Sabotage.

Original broadcast date: 31 October 1965
This episode rerun 15 May 1966

Peter Mark Richman as Maury Maddock.

Inspector Lewis Erskine and S.A.C. Jim Rhodes race to prevent episonage. Here, police avert a bombing of a warehouse full of supplies for Vietnam. Inspector Erskine is unaware that a student demonstration is planned as a diversion; he has to track down the saboteur.


Role Performer
Peter Mark Richman (as Mark Richman) Maury Maddock
Miiko Taka Akiko Maddock
Donald Harron Paul Lawrence
Jason Evers Allen Bennett
Louise Troy Doris Mafalda
Diane Sherry Dina
Harry Millard Clay Ashland
Stuart Nisbet Johnson
Adam Williams David Brice
Barbara Dodd Receptionist
Warren Parker Doctor
Bert Remsen Spectrographic Examiner
James Sikking Hair and Fibers Expert
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Jo Pagano
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