The FBI car is blown up!

The FBI car is blown up!

9. The Exiles

Case file: #2-46675-R
General Romero, et al.: Violation of Neutrality Act.

Original broadcast date: 14 November 1965

Marisa Pavan.

Inspector Erskine goes undercover as a demolition expert to infiltrate the "Exiles." He is driven around in a beautiful black 427 Shelby Cobra by a beautiful "exile," Maria Blanca. The good inspector then BLOWS UP a FBI car that Jim Rhodes was driving. How is he ever going to explain that one to J. Edgar Hoover?



Role Performer
Carlos Montalbán General Romero
Marisa Pavan Maria Blanca
Lin McCarthy Owen Clark
Perry Lopez Juanito
Ken Lynch Sergeant Merrimon
Jan Shutan Sgt. Judy Kessler
John Zaremba Colonel Novin
John Alvar Miguel
Stella Garcia Lupe
Stuart Lancaster Attendant
James Nolan Cab Driver
Directed by: William A. Graham
Written by: Robert Leslie Bellem and Pat Riddle

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