A little girl named Jean appears on the scene.

A little girl named Jean appears on the scene.

10. The Giant Killer

Case file: #52-19223-W
Joseph Maurice Walker: Destruction of Government Property.

Original broadcast date: 21 November 1965

"The Giant" to be killed is an Air Force missle named Thor. This episode deals with espionage. Special Agent Jim Rhodes at last gets to ride in a fast U.S.A.F. aircraft-a T-33. But the good inspector, not to be outdone, rides in a ever faster U.S.A.F. T-38 #38-135. There goes the air tranport budget.

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Role Performer
Robert Duvall Joseph Maurice Walker
Patricia Smith Marilee Walker
David Sheiner Paul Antonelli
June Dayton Thelma
Lee Meriwether Joanna Laurens
John Clarke Grant Kieler
Robert Brubaker Harry Meade
Phil Chambers The Attendant
Amy Fields Jean
Paul Comi Major Slidell
Bill Zuckert Gen. Dean Cameron
Norma Connolly Woman
Jack De Mave Lieutenant
Robert Gibbons Motel Manager
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Mark Rodgers

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