12. An Elephant Is Like A Rope

The bad guys on the move.

Case file: #87-52739-X
John Doe: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property.

Original broadcast date: 5 December 1965

A sum of $500,000 that nobody would claim, and a man who has lost his memory are Inspector Erskine's and Agent Jim Rhodes' only lead to a crime within a crime.


Role Performer
Beau Bridges Jerry Foley/John Doe
Larry Gates Dr. Lovane
Wright King Scott Boles
Paul Mantee Frank Macklin
Ted Knight Doc Ventura
Parley Baer Jake Mason
Clint Howard Alan Ellwood
Mary Jackson Mrs. Otto Foshay
Jess Kirkpatrick Officer Rand
Robert P. Lieb Henry Steelbridge
Doreen McLean Nurse Smedley
John McLiam David Callander
John Newton Forrest Blackwell
James Nolan Shifter Hogan
Vic Perrin Ray Moberly
Norbert Schiller Honus Smid
Vincent Van Lynn Lucky Sandstone
Bill Quinn Car Company Official
Sue Randall FBI Clerk
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Robert Leslie Bellem and Lee Erwin

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