Impersonating Gomez Addams.

Howard Spencer Collier Jr. (David Macklin) prepares to impersonate Gomez Addams (!) in The Addams Family by crashing toy trains!

Claude Akins, left, makes a guest appearance as Ben Gambriella.

Claude Akins (left) makes a guest appearance as Ben Gambriella.

13. How To Murder An Iron Horse

Case file: #9-74219-C
Howard Spencer Collier Jr.: Extortion.

Original broadcast date: 12 December 1965

Inspector Lew Erskine and Special Agent Jim Rhodes hunt a young man involved with railroad sabotage. The bad guy is a 20-year-old psychopath who is trying to blow up a train. Maybe he worked for General Motors!


Role Performer
David Macklin Howard Spencer Collier Jr.
Claude Akins Ben Gambriella
Louise Latham Mrs. Collier
Paul Fix Willard Oberly
Len Wayland Vic Roberts
Noah Keen Examiner
Alex Gerry Chairman
Robert Knapp First Special Agent
Karl Held Second Special Agent
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Don Brinkley
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