14. Pound of Flesh

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Original broadcast date: 19 December 1965

The FBI Investigates the murder of an Army chaplain’s wife on an U.S. Army base. Leslie Nielsen is here in a dramatic role, 15 years before turning into a comic actor because of his role in Airplane!


Performer Role
Leslie Nielsen Craig Fletcher
Malcolm Atterbury Howard Shelly
Bruce Dern Byron Landy
Forrest Compton Dale Newton
Lew Gallo Clinton Fowler
Mary Foskett Janice Fletcher
Tyler McVey General Goddard Chase
Rusty Lane Mayor
Robert Biheller Pfc. Duncan Whitney
Marc Cavell Pvt. Morgan Weldon
Connie Gilchrist Amy
Jenny Maxwell Vicki Tanner
Herb Voland Charles Buford
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Tom Seller and Norman Jolley

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