15. Pound of Flesh

Case file: #15-9436-S
Harold K. Smith: Theft from Interstate Shipment.

Original broadcast date: 26 December 1965

This episode deals with interstate theft. The big deal here is that we get to see another member of Inspector Erskine’s family, his Uncle Walter (Cecil Kellaway).


Performer Role
Arthur O'Connell Harold K. Smith
John McIntire Max Wood
Cecil Kellaway Uncle Walter
Harry Bellaver Sam Fuller
Dabney Coleman Allen Clarke
Seymour Cassel Irwin
Howard Caine Arnold McTague
Alice Frost Emily
Susan Davis Ruth
Ronnie Dapo Stevie
Ted Gehring Ed Sheldon
Bernard Fein Andy Morton
Adrienne Marden Sarah
Connie Sawyer LaVerne
Peg Shirley Margaret
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Norman Lessing

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