16. The Forests Of The Night

The Jobites get attacked in town.

Case file: #9-26080-X
Adam MacDonald, et al.: Victims-Extortion.

Original broadcast date: 2 January 1966
This episode was not rerun

Religious prejudice seems to be the focus of the first episode of 1966. A group of "Jobites," an Amish-like group, has settled into an Oregon town, purchasing desired property. The locals see the Jobites as depriving them of their livelihood. Inspector Lewis Erskine is called in to help restore the peace here.

The good inspector is using the unlimited air transport budget again, chartering a Piper Twin PA 30 (reg N7523Y). J. Edgar Hoover must love approving Erskine's expense statements. No interesting cars? Nonsense. Just look at the 1930s-vintage car the Jobites drive!

This episode also marks the first appearance of Michael Burns, known for his role as Benji "Blue Boy" Carver in the premiere episode of Dragnet 1967. That aired one year later, in January 1967.


Role Performer
John Anderson Adam MacDonald
Harry Townes Sheriff Earl Hammond
Robert Colbert Martin Bennett
Michael Burns Jacob MacDonald
Ian Wolfe Elder Stone
Noah Keen Victor Quinlan
Val Avery Roy Sumner
Ellen Corby Mrs. Stone
Med Flory Ranger
Pitt Herbert Postal Worker
Ruth Packard Woman
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Charles Larson
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