17. The Chameleon

Confrontation: Harvey C. Scott (Lloyd Gough) confronts Andrew S. Cook Jr. (James Daly), masquerading as bank executive Stephen Fitzgerald.

Case file: #29-31091-C
Andrew S. Cook, Jr., with Aliases: Violation of Federal Reserve Act, Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Murder.

Original broadcast date: 9 January 1966
This episode was not rerun

A clever confidence man of a thousand faces plays a deadly game of cat and mouse, with $1 million as the prize. The confidence man was also a skilled carpenter. He would build secret rooms in the homes of his "marks" to dispose of their bodies. No interesting cars, but a pretty good episode.



Role Performer
James Daly Stephen Fitzgerald
Margaret Leighton Amy Hunter
Lloyd Gough Harvey C. Scott
June Vincent Harriet Fitzgerald
Nellie Burt Miss Lawrence
Russell Thomas Joseph Goodman
Craig Hill Daniel Sublette
Dan Frazier Carter Fox
Amzie Strickland Deputy Clerk #2
Kathryn Givney Evelyn Raymond
Noah Keen Victor Quinlan
John Newton Brian Kemp
Jason Johnson 2nd Clerk
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Norman Jolley
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