19. Special Delivery

BarBara Luna and Earl Holliman.

Case file: #91-42238-P
Robert Charles Porter: Bank Robbery, Unlawful Flight, Murder.

Original broadcast date: 23 January 1966

Inspector Erskine goes undercover to crack an inter-hemisphere fugitive smuggling ring. This is one of the best episodes of the first season. Here, a bank robber commits his crime, gets shot, and then tries to get himself and his girlfriend out of the country. Because of his injury, the robber is in a race with time. The Inspector not only has to catch the robber, but also stop the smuggling ring.



Role Performer
Earl Holliman Robert Charles Porter
BarBara Luna (as Barbara Luna) Linda Rodriguez
Donald May Frederick Brown
William Bramley Ray Scott
Jack Betts (as Hunt Powers) Woods
Argentina Brunetti Tia Rodriguez
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Patterson
Phil Chambers Burton
Lee Krieger U-Drive Manager
Paul Lukather Eddie
Joseph Perry Dominic
Glenn Sipes Burke
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Samuel Newman

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