22. The Baby Sitter

Case file: #7-1101-D
Mrs. Amy Doucette: Kidnapping.

Original broadcast date: 13 February 1966

Inspector Lewis Erskine leads a three-state search for a deranged woman who kidnaps an infant she has been baby-sitting. Colleen Dewhurst was the ex-wife of actor George C. Scott; she makes her one appearance on the series. In 1966, she herself was a mother of young children, including actor Campbell Scott.


Role Performer
Colleen Dewhurst Mrs. Amy Doucette
Collin Wilcox Stella
Geoffrey Horne Herb Wilcox
Davey Davison Francine Wilcox
Janet Waldo Arlene Morgan
Peter Hobbs Giles Berton
Dan Barton Hewitt Wood
Carol Allen The First Housewife
Lew Brown The Document Examiner
David Armstrong Jim Morgan
Charles Randall Dr. Taldi
Ben Bennett Special Agent
Bill Hickman State Trooper
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Leonard Kantor

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