23. Flight To Harbin

Hijacking an airplane to Harbin.

Case file: #164-4391-K
Charles Wallace King - Alias Ernest C. Putnam: Crime Aboard Aircraft - Piracy - Attempted Murder.

Original broadcast date: 27 February 1966

Inspector Lewis Erskine must save the lives of airline passengers aboard a flying prison of terror. A lone nut is hijacking a jet to Harbin, Manchuria (northeastern China).

Rather droll episode. However, we see Mr. Erskine with another lady when he is contacted in San Francisco. Hmmm . he apparently is not with Joanna Laurens anymore.


Nancy Kovack.

Nancy Kovack makes her first appearance on the series. Director Christian Nyby had directed several episodes of Perry Mason, as well as other shows.


Role Performer
Arthur Hill Dr. Charles Wallace King
Jessica Walter Miss Gibbs
Milton Selzer Miller
Jason Evers Captain Thomas
Nancy Kovack Miss Kagle
John Lasell Captain Reedley
Robert Doyle Joe Young
Hank Brandt Graham Carter
Ron Doyle (as Ronald Doyle) Dane McFarland
Robert F. Lyons John Brackney
Priscilla Morrill Mrs. Ann King
Julie Parrish Marjorie Young
Lew Brown Document Examiner
Art Alisi Plainclothesman
Richard Schuyler Co-Pilot
Bert Remsen Control Tower Supervisor
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Gene L. Coon and Charles Larson

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