24. The Man Who Went Mad by Mistake

Case file: #115-28414-T
Mark Stephen Tabor: Bond Default, Fraud Against The Government, Unlawful Flight.

Original broadcast date: 6 March 1966

The good inspector goes undercover as a mental patient to see if the bad guy (Tabor) is faking a mental breakdown to avoid testifying in a federal case. The question never answered was if Tabor were truly faking or if he did indeed have a dehabilitating mental condition. So maybe he did not go “mad by mistake.” By the way, no interesting cars.


Role Performer
J.D. Cannon Mark Stephen Tabor
Anthony Eisley S.A.C. Kirby Greene
Michael Conrad Paul Hogan
Harold Gould Arnold Bruzzi
Simon Scott John Goddard
Robert Chapman Special Agent Combria
Roy Engel George Cobell
Joseph Mell Hollet
George Tyne Gus
Johnny Silver Cab Driver
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Teleplay by: Robert Leslie Bellem
Story by: Dan Ullman
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