25. The Divided Man

Case file: #98-81829-M
Roger Leroy Mason: Sabotage.

Original broadcast date: 20 March 1966
This episode rerun 7 August 1966

A mild-mannered scientist, trying to sell his new rocket fuel formula to a refinery, suffers some personal shocks. This causes a regression to his days as a demolition expert in Korea. He embarks on an insanely clever plan to destroy the nation's rocket fuel supply.

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Role Performer
Bradford Dillman Roger Leroy Mason
Jacqueline Scott Karen Mason
Douglas Henderson Bryan Durant
Dabbs Greer Paul Leonard
William Sargent Dr. Spinner
Ron Husmann Ellis Harmon
Ross Elliott Carter Graham
Don Eitner Bill Converse
Danni Sue Nolan Receptionist (as Danni Nolan)
Amy Fields Jean
Michael Harris Fingerprint Expert
Directed by: Don Medford
Teleplay by: Norman Jolley
Story by: David Duncan
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