26. The Defector, Part 1

Case file: #65-22317-H
The Holman Defection: Espionage.

Original broadcast date: 27 March 1966
This episode was not rerun

The F.B.I. seeks to protect the life of an Eastern European cryptographer who defects to the United States.


Role Performer
Dana Wynter Barbara Holman
George Voskovec Dr. Gregory Holman
John van Dreelen Alex Yustov
Paul Lukas Ambassador Korvin
Peter Coe Resko
Forrest Compton Glenn Orland
James Frawley Kessler
Carol Benton Reid Claude Townsend
Olan Soule Gary Deuel
Bobs Watson Welsh
Janet Maclachlan Maid
Lisa Pera Clerk
Florence Sundstrom Landlady
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Norman Lessing

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