The first view of William Reynolds

The first view of William Reynolds.

28. The Tormentors

Case file: #7-4929-D
Logan Clyde Dupree, John Carl Brock, Anita James: Kidnapping.

Original broadcast date: 10 April 1966
This episode rerun 3 July 1966

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Shaking hands with Franklin Benton.

A desperate father jeopardizes the life of his kidnapped son when he defies F.B.I. warnings to keep the story out of the media. An intense, violent episode that features many excellent actors.

Babe alert: Judee Morton, who goes on to make other appearances on the series.


Role Performer
Wayne Rogers Logan Clyde Dupree
Edward Asner John Carl Brock
Judee Morton Anita James
Lew Ayres Marshall Winslow
Kurt Russell Dan Winslow
William Reynolds SAC Franklin Benton
Garth Pillsbury Dale Hamilton
Garry Walberg Forbes
Joel Fluellen Williams
Warren Parker Doctor
John Mayo Lab Technician
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Anthony Spinner
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