Gas attack at the bank .

Gas attack at the bank …

Gas attack in the garage.

and in the garage!

30. The Plunderers

Case file: #91-62290-H
King Hogan, Frank Donald Collins, Otto Hans Breese, Edward Ralph Richards: Bank Robbery, Murder.

Original broadcast date: 24 April 1966


The F.B.I. leads a search for bank robbers who did not take enough money.



Role Performer
Ralph Meeker King Hogan
Don Quine Frank Donald Collins
Paul Bryar Otto Hans Breese
Albert Salmi Edward Ralph Richards
Mark Roberts Howard Schaal
Lisabeth Hush Eleanor Gray
Robert Patten George Lyon
Walter Reed Dwight Livingstone
Wesley Addy Goulding
Bill Erwin Paxton
Tom Palmer Gardiner
Harry Ellerbe Desk Clerk
John Mayo Spectrographic Examiner
Garrison True Bellboy
Directed by: Ralph Senesky
Written by: William Fay


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