31. The Bomb That Walked Like A Man

Case file: #7-76881-H
Dale Vernon Hillman: Kidnapping, Murder.

Original broadcast date: 1 May 1966
This episode was not repeated.

Inspector Lew Erskine seeks a kidnapper-killer who tries to hide in a paramilitary, neo-Nazi hate group. The inspector does so by going undercover, and infiltrating it. Excellent episode and a good ending to the first season. Proof positive that hate groups were just as active in 1966 as they are in the present.


Role Performer
Robert Drivas Dale Vernon Hillman
Andrew Duggan Chief of Police John Stanford
Joe Maross Commander Philip Payne
Carl Reindel Roy Carey
Charlotte Stewart
(as Charlotte Considine)
Cheryl Stanford
Dick Whittinghill Rod Patrick
Jay Lanin Lee Nelson
Vivi Janiss Mrs. Gibbons
Melinda Plowman Ruth
Marvin Brody Man
Roy Engel Coroner
Bob Kline Firearms Examiner
Duncan McLeod Doctor
Tory Fretz  
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Richard Neil Morgan and Charles Larson


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