Scenes from

32. The Price of Death

Robert Blake

Case file: #7-23938-C
Arnold George Casey: Kidnapping.

Original air date: 18 September 1966
Rerun 30 April 1967

Kidnappers snatch boys from working class families, and then hold them for ransom. The kidnappers run into trouble when their latest victim turns out to be diabetic. This becomes a race against time.

Robert Blake’s final appearance

Robert Blake would make his final appearance on this series. He would not be allowed back on the show, thanks to the Bureau. When filming In Cold Blood in 1967, Mr. Blake made statements about criminals that displeased Director J. Edgar Hoover. As a result, Mr. Blake was barred from the series. Not that it mattered, though: Mr. Blake’s movie career, which began with the Little Rascals back in the 1930s, would resurge with In Cold Blood. He would later win an Emmy for the ABC crime series Baretta.




Scott Marlowe Arnold George Casey
John Larch Fred Wallace
Robert Blake Junior
Milton Selzer Mr. Ragatzy
David Macklin Paul Wallace
Lew Brown S.A.C. Allen Bennett
Dennis Joel Oliveri Bobby Ragatzy
Patty Regan Ina
Mimsy Farmer Sue Wallace
Robert Cornthwaite Dr. Woolsey
Stanja Lowe Fran Ragatzy
Louise Latham Ethel Wallace
Barry Russo Dom
Len Lesser Ghost
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Written by: Pat Riddle
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