An attack in Manila (in The FBI)!

An attack in broad daylight in Manila!

34. The Assassin

Ted Knight as a security guard.

Case file: #65-16842-C
Anton Andre Christopher: Espionage.

Original air date: 9 October 1966
Rerun 14 May 1967

A professional gunman is out to kill a clergyman, who is scheduled to speak at a Chicago gathering. The bishop in question is campaigning for world peace. The gunman has already killed an important figure in Manila, The Philippines. Oh, and there is also some betrayal involved.

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William Windom Anton Andre Christopher
Dean Jagger Bishop John Atwood
Tom Skerritt Robert Hastings
Rhys Williams Dean Sutherland
Robert Knapp Special Agent White
Marlowe Jensen Phil Henry
Victor Millan Lt. Munoz
Ted Knight Security Guard
Med Flory Forest Ranger
Robert Patten 1st Special Agent
James Sikking 2nd Special Agent
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: John McGreevey
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