On display: A 1967 Ford Thunderbird!

36. The Scourge

Robert Duvall takes the Mafia oath in

Case file: #92-5843-A
John V. Albin: Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering - Murder.

Original air date: 23 October 1966
This episode was not rerun

Inspector Lew Erskine and Agent Jim Rhodes seek a witness who will help them unmask a usury racket of the infamous "La Cosa Nostra." The F.B.I. is involved in investigations of organized crime.

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Robert Duvall John V. Albin
Lin McCarthy Albert Towner
David Sheiner Emil Justin
Will Kuluva Mark Vincent
Mary La Roche Lyn Towner
Garry Walberg Sam Colton
Booth Colman Martin Davis
Richard Karlan George Colton
Debi Storm Kathy Towner
Dort Clark Harry
Nelson Leigh Judge
Anne Carroll Secretary
Robert Ivers 1st Special Agent
Greg Mullavey 2nd Special Agent
John Mayo Document Examiner
Charles McDaniel Serology Technician
Warren Parker Hotel Manager
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Written by: Norman Jolley
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