Arthur Hill in The FBI episode,

Arthur Hill (Edward Lennan, at right) does not understand that the secret formula he is selling is a deadly bacterial strain.

Inspector Erskine finds a contaminantt in a post office.

Spoiler: Inspector Erskine finds the packet in a post office. Shades of 9/11!!

36. The Plague Merchant

Case file: #87-32746-J
The Doomsday Plague Theft: Interstate Transport of Stolen Property, Staph Eleven.

Original air date: 30 October 1966
This episode was not rerun

The FBI must find the culprit who stole a vial of a deadly bacteria strain. This episode aired, appropriately, on the day before Halloween.

This plot line is as appropriate today as it was in 1966, given the threat of biological and germ warfare. This topic was approached in an episode of Route 66. Series star George Maharis would star in a movie version of this episode with Richard Basehart in 1965, The Satan Bug.

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Arthur Hill Edward Lennan
Eduard Franz Dr. Keeler
Peggy McCay Marie Lennan
Michael Strong Jago
Vince Howard Wayne Newman
Jay Lanin S.A.C. Thornburg
Lex Johnson Special Agent Reydell
Carol Seflinger Jeannie
Curt Lowens Pepin
Don Ross Floyd Crane
Oscar Beregi Jr. Colonel
Harry Basch Hotel Manager
Peter Brocco Grocer
George Sims 1st Handler
Walter Mathews 2nd Handler
Ron Doyle Special Agent
James Nolan Security Guard
Jan Peters Delivery Clerk
Harlan Warde Commissioner
Directed by: Louis Allen
Written by: Barre Lyndon
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