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38. Ordeal

Case file: #87-78550-L
Graham Lockwood: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property — Murder.

Original air date: 6 November 1966
This episode was not rerun

Inspector Lew Erskine unravels the mystery of a missing store of nitro glycerine, while Agent Jim Rhodes’ life hangs in the balance. He must prevent the nitro from falling into the hands of a South American revolutionary. To do this, Rhodes becomes a truck driver, and meets up with the transporter, a down-on-his-luck trucker. Very taut episode, and a wonderful acting turn for Mr. Brooks!

Olan Soule, Stephen Brooks and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Olan Soule provides his prognosis to the boys.

Stephen Brooks as an undercover SAC Jim Rhodes in The FBI.

S.A.C. Rhodes as a truck driver!




George Wallace Graham Lockwood
Gerald S. O’Laughlin Carl Munger
Jacqueline Scott June Munger
Paul Bryar Dave Nolan
Dan Barton S.R.A. O´Brien
Allan Emerson Harry Kingsley
Olan Soule Cooper
Frank Baxter F.B.I. Driver
Mark Allen Signalman
Vivi Janiss Mrs. Gould
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Robert Bloomfield
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