40. Vendetta

Case file: #65-40515-S
Karl Friedrich Schindler: Espionage.

Original air date: 20 November 1966
Rerun 18 June 1967

An Israeli agent who has been stalking an ex-Nazi turned Communist for years trails his quarry to the United States. The agent joins Inspector Lewis Erskine, who's searching for the Communist to foil a spy plot. The real reason behind the Israeli agent's quest is revenge: The former Nazi had sent his wife to the gas chamber during World War II. Inspector Erskine wants Schindler alive for information he has on spy rings. This episode is one of several dealing with former Nazis.

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John Van Dreelan Karl Schindler
Alfred Ryder Otto Mann
Lois Nettleton Catherine Fossberg
Ron Doyle S.A. #1, New York
David Opatoshu Wilhelm von Fossberg
Johnny Silver News Vendor
Byron Morrow Captain
Mary Jackson Mrs. Howard
Max Kleven Reynolds
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Written by: Franklin Barton
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