41. Anatomy of a Prison Break

Erskine is nailed in the shower.

Case file: 70-16154-L
Richard Hubbard Larken: Crime on a Government Reservation; Murder.

Original air date: 27 November 1966
Rerun 2 July 1967

Inspector Lewis Erskine goes undercover as a prisoner in a desperate attempt to forestall a well-planned prison breakout.

Stephen Brooks, William Reynolds and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. together in 1966.

Observation: Good episode. Oddly enough, William Reynolds seems to have more of a presence than series regular Stephen Brooks here. Indeed, Mr. Brooks has very little to do here. It almost presages the casting change that would take place in 1967. And given Mr. Reynolds’ appearance here, this episode plays like a typical well-oiled episode that might have been produced in 1968 or ’69.

In March 2014, director Ralph Senensky produced a Web page that discusses the making of this episode, which was shot in August 1966. He shared this on Facebook. Here is the link: http://senensky.com/anatomy-of-a-prison-break/

This page updated 15 March 2014.




James Broderick Frank Porter
Joseph Campanella (as Joe Campanella) Fritz Moline
Carol Rossen Sarah Porter
Austin Willis Warden Mark James
William Reynolds SAC Kendall Lisbon
Edward Faulkner Allen Wilson
Patricia Donahue Esther Durbin
Martin Brooks Richard Larkin
Joe Hoover Paul Throne
Vic Perrin Kowalchek
Paul Winfield Prison Guard Lincoln
Larry J. Blake Dispatcher
Lincoln Demyan Marshal
Pitt Herbert Auto Salesman
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Teleplay by: Herman Groves and Robert J. Shaw
Story by: Herman Groves
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