42. The Contaminator

Lawton Chiles has been contaminated!

Case file: #65-57884-U
Lawrence Turner Underwood: Espionage.

Original air date: 4 December 1966
This episode was not rerun.

Totally bogus storyline about radiation contamination. The main bad guy (Lawrence Underwood) absorbed a fatal dose of radiation in the lab accident. This could happen. But, he contaminates everyone and everything he meets or touches. Radiation poisoning is not passed on like a common cold and does not leave a trail of gamma rays. A radioactive source, a piece of material will only do this. Underwood did not have numerous radioactive sources that he was dropping wherever he went. This may be one of the worst plots in the entire series, a sort of Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Also note that Underwood had a protective suit on in the lab when the explosion occured. The suit was not damaged so it is highly doubtful that Underwood would be carrying any radioactive sources on his person.

Speaking of Lawton Chiles:

Linden Chiles seems to specialize in playing bad guys. Nineteen days after this episode first aired, he played a memorable bad guy in The Green Hornet , which also aired on ABC.




Linden Chiles Lawrence Turner Underwood
Sarah Marshall Maria Underwood
William Sargent Special Agent Kane or Kline (?)
William Stevens Hart
George Brenlin Attendant
Frank Marth Dunlap
Sam Edwards  
Allison Hayes Anne
Robert Osterloh Maconne
Tom Palmer Dr. Barrows
Alex Gerry John Gottlieb
Lawrence Montaigne Scientist
Charles Bateman Guide #1
John Ward Farr
William Boyett Guide #2
Susan Davis Payroll Clerk
Jay Lanin Resident Agent (Spokane)
Directed by: Paul Wendkos
Written by: Dan Ullman
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