47. Passage Into Fear

Case file: #69-43767-C
Hanna Jolene Crandall: Flight of Material Witness in a Case Involving the National Security.

Original air date: 8 January 1967
This episode rerun 11 June 1967

Hanna Crandall, a witness in a trial against an intelligence operative of a Communist nation, panics. She hurriedly disguises herself and buys a train ticket from New York to Quebec. She's not aware that assassins in the employ of that country are on the train with her. Hanna also befriends a male passenger, who realizes something is wrong but has trouble reaching out to Hanna. Erskine and Rhodes figure out she's on the train and manage to get aboard. Now the FBI agents must protect her before the killers can complete their mission.

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Collin Wilcox Hanna Jolene Crandall
Ford Rainey Harry Fortier
Virginia Christine Lucille Fortier
James Callahan Richard Lenk
Forrest Compton George Litt
Anthony Eisley S.A.C. Chet Randolph
Greg Benedict FBI Agent
Ivan Bonar Osborne
Sidney Clute Cab Driver
Henry Corden Organ grinder
Lawrence Parke Henry
Arthur Hanson Dining Steward
Harry Hickox Conductor
Bobby Johnson Waiter
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Andy Lewis
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