48. The Courier

Case file: #65-43374-S
Julliet Sinclair: Espionage.

Original air date: 15 January 1967
Rerun 13 August 1967

Another episode involving Communists, and this one concerns an adopted Chinese orphan who has an incredible awareness of Marxism and its dangers! The young lady learns that her benefactor, a famed humanitarian, and her new parents are Communist couriers planning ot use her to smuggle top-secret information of the United States. When the bad guys learn the little girl knows of the plot, they plan to kill her. In the meantime, Inspector Lewis Erskine, checking on the death of a scientist, is led to them, but cannot stop them because of a lack of evidence.

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Ruth Roman Juliet Sinclair
Gene Hackman Herb Kenyon
Phyllis Love Phyllis Kenyon
Harold Gould Doctor
Dean Harens SAC Bryan Durant
Keye Luke Captain Cheiu
Cherylene Lee Linn
Gene Lyons Ludwig
Noah Keen Customs Inspector
Eddie Guardino Cab Driver
Dan Frazer Reporter
Sandra Marsh Flight attendant (as Sondra Marsh)
Bert Kramer Agent
Frank Jamus Airlines clerk
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Story by: Robert C. Dennis
Teleplay by: Charles Larson
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