49. A Question of Guilt

Case file: #44-3928-S
Joseph Spooner, Victim: Civil Rights Violation - Murder.

Original air date: 22 January 1967
This episode was not rerun

Spotting an addict talking to a police officer, two dope pushers beat him to death, but a veteran detective played by Andrew Duggan is suspected of the cop's death, and is suspended. When a newsman takes up the cry of police brutality, a riot threatens to break out. This episode reflected the high level of unrest that would result in riots in Detroit and Newark later that year.

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David Mauro Joseph Spooner
Andrew Duggan Lt. Frank Harris
Larry Gates Tom Barrett
Paul Mantee Vic
Don Dubbins McKinney
Douglas Henderson S.A.C. Page Blanchard
Robert H. Harris Shaw, pawnbroker
Eve McVeagh Bea Jensen
Stella Garcia Estella Lopez
Harlan Warde Inspector
Dorothy Adams Olive Spooner
Robert Hernandez Danny Garza
Steve Cory Copyboy
Directed by: Ralph Senensky
Written by: Mark Weingart
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