Barbara Reyes (BarBara Luna, right) gets into a spat.

Barbara Reyes (BarBara Luna, right) gets into a spat. He ends up as a meal for the sharks.

50. The Gray Passenger

A view of BarBara Luna, circa 1967.

Case file: #45-82133-A
Carlos Avila, et al: Crime on the High Seas - Murder, Piracy.

Original air date: 29 January 1967
This episode was not rerun

All action takes place aboad a ship! Jim Rhodes plays as a able-bodied seaman. He still had his papers from yet another (college) summer job!




Alejandro Rey Carlos Avila
BarBara Luna (as Barbara Luna) Barbara Reyes
Henry Wilcoxon Bowers
Alberto Morin Molinos
Carlos Romero Calderon
Simon Scott Colfax
Lillian Bronson Mrs. Guthrie
Pepe Callahan Torres
Phil Chambers Mr. Guthrie
Bob Duggan Radio Man
Joseph Gazal Isidro
Sam Gilman Gilman (?)
Robert Harland S.A.C. MacGregor
Bob Kline Special Agent Kilbourne
John Newton George Bryan
Raoul Perez Rebel Seaman
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Written by: Jerry Ludwig
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