51. The Conspirators

Case file: #100-98451-L
Conrad Letterman, John R. Milton: International Security - Espionage.

Original air date: 26 February 1967
This episode was not rerun

Still another episode involving Communists!

A Red agent kills a former Communist, suspecting he is about to inform the Feds of the location of a sabotage expert who's gone underground, planning to blow up a military supply ship of vital Asia-bound material. The FBI may be unable to make their case, because of scant evidence.

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Michael Rennie Conrad Letterman
John McLiam Lester Milton
Phyllis Thaxter Viv Caldwell
Julie Sommars Betty Caldwell
Arthur Franz John Caldwell
Dabney Coleman Stanley Leonard
John Lupton SAC Allen Bennett
Anthony Eisley SAC Chet Randolph
Gil Peterson Navy Seaman
Doreen Lang Writer
James Sikking Technician
James Seay Printer
Matt Pelto Explosives Man
Cindy Taylor Seaman's Wife
Michael Harris Shoeprint Technician
Fletcher Allen Electronics Man
Charles McDaniel Serology Technician (as Charles A. McDaniels)
Guy Remsen SA
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Story by: Edward V. Monaghan and Robert J. Shaw
Teleplay by: Robert J. Shaw and Norman Jolley
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