52. Rope of Gold

Case file: #15-50426-K
Victor Kearney et al: Theft From Interstate Shipment.

Original air date: 12 February 1967
This episode rerun 16 July 1967

Inspector Lewis Erskine links the hijacking of precision tools to an international conspiracy, but find the apparent ringleader has been dead for over a decade. Refusing to accept this, Erskine finds the man alive, but before an arrest can be made, the man hides on a plane carrying $5 million in gold.

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William Smithers Joseph Kearney
Peter Graves Manning Fryes
Joanne Linville Dorene
Jessica Walter Mireilis
Louis Jourdan Andre Vesalian
Robert Yuro Dave Hunter
Anthony Eisley SAC Chet Randolph
Catherine McLeod Lorraine Fryes
Joe Di Reda Logan
Chanin Hale Bobbie
Claudia Bryar Mrs. Lee
Ed Langston  
Jock Gaynor Angus Boone
Pitt Herbert Pharmacist
Peg Shirley Matron
Ed Deemer Operations Officer
James W. Gavin Pilot (as Gavin James)
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Story by: Norman Borisoff
Teleplay by: Mark Rodgers
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