53. The Hostage

Case file: #65-54538-S
Dr. Marie-Luise Karn, Michael Veltran: Espionage-Kidnapping-Murder.

Original air date: 19 February 1967
This episode rerun 9 July 1967

Foreign agents kidnap a statesman from his hospital bed. Inspector Erskine is then notified that a prison inmate, a former spy, must be released and then sent safely to Europe before the statesman can be released.

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Diana Hyland Marie-Luise Karn
David Frankham Michael Veltran
Edward Mulhare Major Damian Sava
Paul Lukas Anton Dieter
Delphi Lawrence Jana Dieter
Dabbs Greer Harry Porter
John Holland Frederic Sterne
Peter Coe Gerd Esling
Robert Boon Junior Officer
Ron Stokes Lt. Craig
Martin Braddock Special Agent Jack Dent
Russ Bender Boat Owner
John Mayo Ballistics Technician
James Johnson Sailor
James Sikking Hair and fibers expert
Pat Patterson Reilly
Jim Healy TV commentator
Directed by: Christian Nyby
Story by: Robert Leslie Bellem
Teleplay by: Mark Rodgers and Robert Leslie Bellem
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