54. Sky On Fire

Case file: #52-36652-B
George Bellamy: Destruction of Government Property-Arson-Murder.

Original air date: 26 February 1967
This episode was not rerun

Bradford Dillman plays another character on a rampage!

Killing his blackmailer, George Bellamy sets fire to a forest in order to destroy the evidence. Clues lead the FBI to his wife, and they learn he has a history of pyromania. Meanwhile, insane with terror, Bellamy sets a series of forest fires, determined to destroy both himself and the pursuing FBI agents.

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Bradford Dillman George Bellamy
Davey Davison Connie Bellamy
Lynda Day George Mindy Platt (as Lynda Day)
Barbara Baldavin Receptionist
Don Chastain Intern
Charles Grodin Carl Platt
Nelson Olmsted Dr. Knight
Garth Pillsbury Helicopter observer
Noam Pitlik Ed Wallace
Hal Riddle Technician
William Wellman Jr. R.A. Douglas
Jason Wingreen Bartender
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Don Brinkley and Charles Larson
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