54. Sky On Fire

Case file: #87-24533-D
Robert Dewey: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property.

Original air date: 5 March 1967
This episode was not rerun

Case is about a painting stolen from a museum in Washington, D.C. and offered for sale in Los Angeles. Good motorcycle riding stunts.

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J.D. Cannon Robert Dewey
Antoinette Bower Helen Meade
Murray Matheson Henry Dodd
Dean Harens S.A.C. Bryan Durant
Joan Swift Miss Bowen
Jonathan Hawke Webb Andrews
Peter Hobbs S.R.A. Wilson
Matt Pelto Morey
Buck Young Museum Guard
Herb Armstrong Motel Manager
Bill Franklin Man
William Hudson Highway Patrolman
Peggy Lipton Girl in Museum
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Francis Cockrell
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