1967 Ford in a storm

The Feds battle not only James Franciscus, but also the forces of nature in their 1967 Ford sedan. Thank goodness this was not Hurricanes Katrina or Andrew!

Glen Campbell and a go-go dancer, 1967.

Glen Campbell with the go-go dancer!! Talk about eye candy!

59. Force of Nature

Case file: #88-67052-B
Charles Francis Burnett: Unlawful Flight — Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping.

Original air date: 9 April 1967
This episode was not rerun

Inspector Lewis Erskine and S.A.C. Jim Rhodes chase after a witness who has fled for her life. They track her down to Florida, where they not only have to battle James Franciscus and Tige Andrews, but also a hurricane.




James Franciscus Charles Francis Burnett
Anne Helm Gloria Burnett
Jack Betts Allen Cole
Tige Andrews Jim Forno
Vaughn Taylor Sarrew
Dallas Mitchell S.A.C. Rice
Len Wayland S.A.C. McLean
Glen Campbell Larry Dana
Booth Colman Lane Morris
Kitty Kello Mrs. Spier
Wayne Lundy Special Agent
Directed by: Jesse Hibbs
Written by: Mark Rodgers
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