Dolores (BarBara Luna) confronts Tyler Cray (Wayne Rogers).

Dolores (BarBara Luna) confronts Tyler Cray (Wayne Rogers).

60. The Extortionist

Tyler Cray (Wayne Rogers) gets his hoof-and-mouth disease from a Mexican farmer named Carlos. Cray insists on calling him Pancho.

Case file: #9-3275-C
Tyler Cray: Extortion.

Original air date: 16 April 1967
This episode was not rerun.

Inspector Lewis Erskine squares off with a psycotic bigot who masterminds an extortion plot. This final episode of the 1966-67 season has an excellent plot that veers away from ethnic stereotypes.

Sadly, most shows in the 1960s portrayed Latin Americans as evil villains. This is reversed here, and it makes this episode a refreshing one indeed! Here, the Mexican/Mexican-American characters are good people, and the American is the bad guy. Wayne Rogers plays an el feo Americano (an Ugly American) resentful of his father's employer. Quinn Martin used a lot of Latin performers for this episode.




Wayne Rogers Tyler Cray
Barbara Luna Dolores
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. Ray Avila
Carlos Romero S.A. Robert Vega
R.G. Armstrong Ed Cray
Donald May S.R.A. Grant Bates
Ned Romero Esteban Rodriguez
Renata Vanni Anita Avila
Anna Navarro Teresa Vega
Stella Garcia Juana Rodriguez
Victor Millan Carlos Perez
Margarita Cordova Maria Perez
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Teleplay by: Norman Jolley
Story by: Mann Rubin
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