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61. The Gold Card

Paul Frederick Nichols: Interstate Transportation of Waging Paraphenalia-Murder.

Original air date: 17 September 1967
Rerun 25 August 1968 and 25 May 1969

Inspector Lewis Erskine poses as a gambler to get evidence at a high-stakes game. He is unaware that all the players there are marked for murder, in order to cover up mob involvement in the murder of one of the players. This was the first episode to air with William Reynolds as SAC Tom Colby. However, we do not get an official introduction to him until “The Legend of John Rim,” which aired on 31 December 1967. It may mean that this episode may have aired out of sequence in comparison to the production order, which is not unusual with TV shows.


Performer Role
Larry Gates Paul Frederick Nichols
James Daly Doc Cameron
Bill Zuckert Sonny
Roy Engel Carl Travis
L.Q. Jones Wesley Davis
Paul Lukather Phil
Rayford Barnes Gunman
Larry Gates Paul Nichols
Joanna Moore June Elliott
Richard Devon Earl Davis
Simon Scott Aaron Kellin
Vic Perrin Frank Denton
William Stevens Frank Jamus
William Boyett Jay One
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Mark Rodgers



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