63. Blood Verdict

George David Owens: Obstruction of Justice-Jury Tampering-Murder.

Original air date: 8 October 1967
This episode was not rerun

When another juror dies, a naturalized Cuban, proud of his new American citizenship, is warned to vote "Not Guilty" in a murder trial. Otherwise, acid will be poured on his pregnant wife. The new citizen hides his wife away, but the culprit finds her and waits by the radio to await the jury's verdict.


Performer Role
R.G. Armstrong George David Owens
Robert Doyle Jack Owens
Robert F. Lyons Lon Owens
Kent Smith U.S. Attorney Leonard Vanatter
Mario Alcade Luis Nieves
Pilar Seurat Anita Nieves
John Graham Judge Clay
Norma Crane Dottie, the waitress
Sam Edwards Jerry
Ken Lynch Joe Taylor
James McCallion Ben
Robert Gibbons Juror
S. John Launer Jury Foreman
Directed by: Gene Nelson
Written by: John Furia, Jr.



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