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64. The Traitor

The Case of the Expatriate Traitor: Steven Thomas Ramsey-Espionage.

Original air date: 15 October 1967
This episode was not rerun by ABC

Andrew Duggan returns to America after an absence of 30 years, posing as a top corporate executive. In reality, he is a Communist agent. Inspector Lewis Erskine, posing as a Communist courier, uncovers a plot to steal top secret missle data.

In an atypical situation, Mr. Duggan plays a baddie. Likewise, Richard Anderson's character dies in this episode. And in a pattern seen in other FBI episodes, Mr. Duggan's character is deeply affected by this, since he himself had nothing to do with this dastardly deed.


Performer Role
Andrew Duggan Steven Thomas Ramsey
Delphi Lawrence Louise Freed
Richard Anderson Alexander Ramsey
Phyllis Thaxter Rosemary Ramsey
Allen Emerson Philip Karl Gayna
Anthony Eisley S.A.C. Chet Randolph
Bill Quinn Colonel
Robert Osterloh Harberg
Alex Gerry Doctor
Marion Thompson Sarah
Susan Seaforth Hayes (as Susan Seaforth) Miss Hanes
Directed by: Robert Douglas
Written by: John W. Bloch



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