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65. By Force And Violence, Part 1

David Rogers Speirs et al.: Kidnapping.

Original air date: 22 October 1967
This episode rerun 5 May 1968

Inspector Lew Erskine connects the kidnapping of a teenage boy to a multi-million dollar heist planned by his long-lost father. The father is resorting to the heist because an old prison pal is the one who nabbed the son.


Performer Role
William Windom David Roger Spiers
Arthur Hill Max Griswold
Louise Latham Barbara Griswold
Phyllis Love Connie Parr
David Macklin Bob Griswold
Leonard Stone Harry Palmer
Don Gordon Claude Flood
Dabbs Greer Alvin Van Doyle
Frances Fong Becky Lee
Robert Hogan Lloyd Mitchell
Suzie Kaye Monica Duval
Robert Knapp Agent Noel McDonald
Barry Russo  
Ken Scott  
Paul Sorenson  
Russell Thorson  
Buck Young  
Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: E. Arthur Kean



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